Diễn Viên Odette Fox

Odette Fox

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With her gorgeous looks, bouncing titties, and lustrous red locks, petite babe Odette Fox has the power to make almost every male acquaintance fall under her spell. Standing at just over 5 feet tall, the enticing, flame-haired beauty boasts the most stunning pair of big natural boobs as well as a tasty bubble butt, while her incredible talents and irresistible sex appeal earned her an AVN nomination for Hottest Newcomer. Describing herself as a water nymph, Odette enjoys swimming, and she loves showing off her dripping wet curves after taking a plunge in the deep end. As well as being a fantastic cock sucker, the busty babe is also great at connecting with her sexual partners on a more intimate level, believing that establishing a rapport is key to producing the best content. Don’t miss this ultimate sex goddess work her magic – check out her seductive techniques in the scenes below!

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